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May 2023

Hello,I am Eva.

I am the founder of the EventtEva events’ service. I strive to think differently. I am creative and I have a personal approach to each person and their Event. I can help others to achieve their goals and help make their celebration extraordinary and memorable.

EventtEva offers a full service – planning, organizing, coordinating. Together with partners, we can provide venues, accommodation, decorations, catering, wedding ceremonies, photography, filming, make-up and entertainment.

My work experience started 20 years ago, as a waitress at weddings and dinner parties, in a 4-star Hotel in Dublin, Ireland. I then worked at the Hotel Bar, Restaurant and Reception. Moving to a 5 star Hotel, I worked as a Host in the Restaurant, subsequently as Guest Service Agent and in Reservations and Sales. I also had the pleasure of being a General Manager in a Hotel in Latvia.

I love people and celebrations. The special moment on the day of the Event makes my heart happy and full of joy. I know everything from planning to coordinating an Event and it is my pleasure to use my experience to help others achieve their goals.

I will listen to your story and create the idea with you. Then I will plan, organize, and coordinate your Event. You just need to share your thoughts and I will do the work. When the work is done, you can enjoy your Event.